Lectures (in French)

1. Radio-astronomy
2. Observe Milky Way
3. RotationCurve
4. Morphology
5. piloteRadiotelescopes
6. GetResults
7. AnalyseData
8. UseSimulator
Movie Here

Important: you need to have an account to access the antennas
1) Create an account
2) Make a reservation to book a telescope time slot
3) Observe during your allocated time
4) Be careful, the booking time is in UTC (Universal Time) : compute your local time
5) Use Krakow or Paris-2m for the moment : see below

1) If any antenna is not responding, please send us an email
2) The Antenna in Spain is still in restricted use mode
3) The Portuguese Antenna is being moved (restricted use)
4) The French Antenna in Toulouse is in restricted use mode for the moment
5) The French Antenna in Nancay is in restricted use mode for the moment
6) PARIS-3m antenna is being repaired. It is not available for a few days (since Jan 25th, 2015)

Exercise 1

For more informations, have a look to the documents :
More pedagogical Material

November 24, 2011 | EU-HOU radio astronomy
Welcome to Hands-On Universe, Europe. The aim of this site is to give remote access to small radio telescopes installed throughout Europe. It is possible to operate these telescopes remotly. Based on your observations, you will be able to build a map of our galaxy, the Milky Way...


Web interface to remotely use the Antenna. A login and password are required to access this facility.


Web interface to access the LAB database and tools to interactively perform the Milky Way-exercise (rotation curve and spiral arms)


Database of the all the observations taken with the 5 antennas together with tools to (i) display and download the archived results and (ii) create a map of the Milky Way.